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Spirit & Truth: A Brief History
In 2006, a young parishioner of St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church in Augusta, GA realized the church had a variety of ministries for families, seniors, and children, but it was lacking a ministry for young adults. With the help and guidance of our parish priests, the ambitious Eric Wright began a young adult ministry. 
Eric formated the ministry after the Spirit & Truth groups found in Atlanta and it was modified to best fit the smaller community's needs. The ministry was advertised in the church bulletin and the first meeting was held in early 2007 with great success, and has been going strong ever since.16 years later, Spirit and Truth meetings have continued every week without intermission, making it the longest continually-active Catholic young adult ministry in Augusta. Every week, our ministry meets with a rotating schedule consisting of guest speakers, Bible studies, and more. We also take a trip to Tybee Island every summer! (The first ever S&T beach trip, in 2008, is pictured below.)
Throughout its 16 years of existence, Spirit and Truth has always striven to offer an outlet for Catholic young adults seeking to grow in their Faith while also developing friendships with other Catholics their age. Our mission is "To help young adults grow closer to Christ through fellowship, worship, and prayer".

We hope you join our ministry and grow closer to Christ with us!
YAM Beach Trip 2008.jpg
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